Our mission is functional beauty

“Every good design is a logical design”

Hi there,

We are glad that you want to find out more about WR and the people behind it. This is us – Miro and Bozo and hundreds of handmade products of wood and metal, bearing the name WR. We all realize how rapidly world around us is changing, cities are becoming highly urbanized and modern. The new spaces require a new design, and therefore a complete change of places of work and life are necessary. We think that there should be a very close connection between the home, the office and the surrounding landscape. We sincerely believe that we need to create our own personal space where we live and work. In this sense we are “FOR” the unique items and we do not support the “cloned” ones. Who else could carve such a palette of colors and shapes (sometimes as a result of hundreds of years of life) but the surrounding landscape. Our mission is to touch the maximum of all this and to change the stereotype of the concept of design. There is always something of value in what nature gives to us. It must be emphasized and used in the best possible way. Each and every piece of wood brings history and it would be insane such history to be destroyed. WR stands behind the idea that architecture is the science of adaptation and we are proud to participate in this process.

If we managed to intrigue you a little bit and if you liked our designs, please follow us in our current and everyday world shown on the social networks pages of WR. Sooner or later you will be looking for an unique gift necessary for a birthday present, for a child or for Christmas, for anniversary or for loved ones, for a business partner or just for a special occasion but anyhow you will need those beautiful WR products and then we will be there for you.

Who are actually WR?
Miro – studied and graduated economy, but accomplished carpenter by vocation. Optimism is a diagnosis for him and crazy design ideas that come into his head will be still basis of research. Possessed by the hero of his childhood Winnie the Pooh, Miro is always true to the maxim “The more – the more.”
Bojo –  is a chemist, who, with his short professional experience, understands that to connect wood with metal is the safest reaction in nature. This makes him down to earth realist, responsible for more intricate cases in life – World peace, Global warming.
With these characteristics, both realize they are not the best example for young people, but can be a unique tool for creating the most crazy design idea that you would like to make.

Our mission is functional beauty

WR is a project established and functioning entirely based on the ideas of its creators. With their enormous love for the surrounding nature and die-hard environmentalists they are trying to create products with unique and creative design without the need to kill some of the world around us. In this project they try to use mainly recycled materials (mostly dead, felled by natural disasters or no longer fertile trees) that were part of this world. For them the old tree should not be forgotten because it is part of our past – rather, should be taken as a legacy to work with and recreate.



It always starts from the blank sheet. Drived by the priciples which you want to impose. However, you should know to where you need to develop a certain project. And this is the leading point for each of us.

In our daily life there is one thing with which we must comply on 100% – computers (mobile devices). Now everything revolves around them. So it is in our projects as well. On the other hand, we use accent furniture to revive and rediscover forgotten and dysfunctional residential and office spaces. We construct so that our products take less space, but are loaded with more commitments.

Technology, quality and design. These are the three starting points when creating a product. Top technique is the one that makes true even the most extreme design ideas. We at WR agree with that, but we share a little bit of a different philosophy. It is that the design is more than just a form and does not create a furor about itself. It needs the power of the project, feasibility study and boundless imagination of its authors.

“The world is looking for the different in the design”

We at WR are using unconventional techniques in the manufacture of our products with minimal machining of materials, retaining their closest natural form, we show our independent Balkan authentic respect to design. We would like to develop our individual language that is less to adhere to what already exists, and is more based on self-confidence and a sense of its own identity.


The most important thing to create a beautiful and unique piece of furniture or decorations is the material, therefore the selection is a very hard task to do, and sometimes the process is as hard as looking for a gold or diamonds, for example.
In our process of selecting the material, we use a different kind of old age wood, which already has passed their period of fertility, and now they are ready to begin there new life like a table, candlestick, chair, etc. We mainly use woods like walnut, linden, plum, apple, oak, pear, beech tree, poplar, chestnut, acacia and mulberry tree from high regions, where the water supply is low, therefore the wood becomes very flexible in changing there shapes, which makes them very interesting for there unique shapes, also in the hart (the middle) of the wood, you can see all different kind of shapes and colors, for which you can create your own stories. In some of our ideas, there is a material, some of them a hundred years old, which were used for the building of very old commercial an non-commercial buildings, under there roofs they has been all different human real life stories, that way, we make you a part of the stories of a hundreds  of human destiny’s, which has traveled for a good or bad, for thousands ofkilometers, in some of our ideas, we use train passing wood, on which even steam train has pass over. Part of our view for a good vision is the use of different kind of metals, which we use for a leg for a table, for example, or the use of a resin, so we can cover some of the damages that nature did. All of our materials are harmless and environmentally friendly, with care for the nature.


In our ideas, we use the material the way that nature has created him, with all the colors and shapes. The technical elements, which we do, so we can convert them to a practical use, are with our own design, and it’s done with long hours of design work. This two elements a creating a real, unique, one of a kind thing, which can’t be doubled by nature or a human hand. Each one of our artifact is unique, which is a guarantee that your home, office or garden we’ll be unique too.

Are you ready to take it to the next level?